"Writing is both mask and unveiling"

I always loved writing down whatever came into my mind. I felt free. I felt understood. It was always there for me and has always allowed me to live whatever life I wanted: my inner souls, the ones I keep locked in my body and in my mind, my angels and my demons all together.

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After Midnight Mask

There are times when all we need is to be able to talk to ourselves… to just look deep inside us and try to figure out what is going on in there!

It’s how After Midnight Mask was brought to life… In an attempt to reconnect with my Self, with my Shadows and with my magical power as well. 

Within every drawing or written words, I’ve hidden treasures:

  • emotions,
  • thoughts,
  • creativity,
  • but most of all, the intention that every person who comes across this page will be reconnected with her/his true Self.

As every world has its symbols and its concepts, here is what you shall find on this page: words of empowerment, inspiration, unfiltered thoughts, spirituality without religious limitations, ways to reconnect with both the light and the shadows within yourself.



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The allure of darkness

Rewire your mind

Rewire your mind

Why on Earth do we try to fit in a pattern, when we are so beautiful and unique as individuals? Why do we filter ourselves and edit every single piece of our lives when no sunset is the same and no flower resembles the other?


Gerovital Beauty, pentru un machiaj care lasa pielea sa respire

Gerovital Beauty, pentru un machiaj care lasa pielea sa respire

Un look cool începe cu încrederea în sine! Asta ne spun cei de la Gerovital Beauty. Eu adaug faptul că un look cool pornește de la atitudine și se termină cu produsele care te fac să te simți și mai bine în pielea ta, oferindu-ți ajutor în a-ți evidenția frumusețea! 

Poveste despre noi

Poveste despre noi

Un copil este un dar, un miracol, o bucurie si trebuie primit cum se cuvine! Pentru ca atunci cand se intampla sa vina, el vine sa te invete!… Vine sa te invete sa te descoperi, iar tu trebuie sa fii pregatita si dornica sa o faci!

“Don’t forget – no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories you have to tell.” (Charles de Lint)