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"Writing is both mask and unveiling"

I always loved writing down whatever came into my mind. I felt free. I felt understood. It was always there for me and has always allowed me to live whatever life I wanted: my inner souls, the ones I keep locked in my body and in my mind, my angels and my demons all together.

The allure of darkness

Beneath my skin

Beneath my skin lie hidden more than a thousand reasons of  “why I am grateful for”. Beneath my skin are love and acceptance, trust and courage, faith and inspiration.

The life underneath

We show our best moments, not knowing that what we think about as being a vulnerability might just be a sign of strength for others out there. 

Wanting to become the best person one can possibly be is understandable.
Faking it… isn’t the right way to do it though!

Unspoken Thoughts

She’s already been tamed, it’s just that she’s been tamed by the wrong persons. She’ll learn to listen once more and she’ll learn to live again.
She’ll learn that she’s enough! 

Times of reflection

“The little things are the ones that have the power to make us smile in every moment.” How true these words were and how rare she followed this advice! How was it that she’d forgotten to enjoy the life she had?! 

The mystery within my dream

I’m on my way again, incapable of stopping! Darkness revolves around me and I know that there has to be a light to see. I can sense him again and I wish I wasn’t allowed to… I wish my heart would stop vibrating at his presence, but there’s a connection between us that refuses to give in.

The light within the darkness

When Shadows talk there is no room for questioning why it is you they are talking to! The question is different: how is it that you have the ability to listen to them and others don’t seem to hear them at all? Are you worthy? Are you a better listener? 

The last drop of my being

Mixed sensations gambled within her mind and her body: the chilly wind combined with the burning candle wax that found shelter on her hand were the ingredients that gave birth to wandering thoughts…

Who lies beneath the mask?

I’m a 27-year-old woman, passionate about writing and life in general. My name is Larisa and I live in Bucharest, Romania. Proud wife and mother of a  three-year old girl, addicted to organizing and planning, I find my guilty pleasure in late nights’ inspiration, when I can free my thoughts and create stories.


Ritualul de ingrijire al parului meu cu Avon Advance Techniques

Am un par lung asa ca este foarte important pentru mine sa am grija de el. Imi doresc un par sanatos si al carui aspect sa imi puna in lumina trasaturile. Cred cu tarie ca o femeie este mai increzatoare in propriile-i puteri, atunci cand se simte frumoasa si bine in pielea ei.

Un ten luminos cu Avon Nutra Effects

In zilele in care nu am prea mult timp de petrecut la oglinda pentru a ma machia, aceasta crema imi vine in sprijin, lasandu-mi pielea catifelata si fara pelicula grasa pe care multe creme au tendinta sa o astearna pe chip.

Traieste “Lagom” cu produsele Barnangen

Incredere, unicitate, o stare de bine si de echilibru – toate acestea sunt transpuse in cuvantul suedez “lagom” ce descrie si gama de produse lansate de brandul Barnangen Stockholm.

My Life

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“Don’t forget – no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories you have to tell.” (Charles de Lint)