Self-Discovery? Mending broken pieces?

There is a special force inside you that holds everything in check when things get rough! Right there, lies an unseen fortress that has the power to protect and guide your energy, keeping you safe in a world that might not always feel like home. 

The journey towards understanding this fortress is not linear. It’s an odyssey marked by trials and triumphs, a path where broken pieces are not mere fragments but critical elements in our reconstruction. As time progresses, an intriguing transformation unfolds. Contrary to the fragility of our physical selves, where broken bones may signify weakness, the spirit embarks on a reverse journey.

No matter how hard it gets sometimes, be sure to pick up your broken pieces and reconstruct yourself. Our broken bones may become weaker in time, but the opposite things happen to our whole being – we become fearless with strength dripping down our veins. We realize that we deserve every beautiful thing life has placed in front of us, even through the hardships, and what our place in this world is. We become more aware of the place we should be in at this moment, while also having wide open the possibility to walk away if we feel like we deserve something better.

There comes a time when you start discovering the unassembled parts of yourself… a time when the process of unraveling them stops being so terrifying and Courage becomes our guiding light. You learn to navigate the intricate corridors of our inner universe, expressing love and kindness towards the facets long shrouded in darkness. It’s a process of healing, of embracing the totality of our existence, of evolving beyond the confines of our past.

You start to Heal, to Love, to Evolve.

Broken pieces of yourself were left lying on the floor?

The shadows and the obscure facets of your personality become aware of how powerful the embrace and the acceptance of the Self truly is, for they are also part of your identity. From a pitch-dark black environment, we bloom. There is darkness in the Universe, there is darkness in the soil that helps each plant grow, and there is darkness in the wombs of our mothers.

We can’t enjoy and experience light if we are fearful of the dark. Darkness helps us grow, while light nourishes us into blooming as beautifully as we can.

Writing in her diary always felt therapeutic. It was a way in which she filtered her thoughts and tamed the beasts that found a home inside her mind. Pouring down words with the ancient ink of her soul was something she became proficient at, as she unraveled broken pieces from her past… holding everything into a future that she felt had been designed for something greater. The feeling was there… The accepting, the caring, the embracing of those old wounds…

Healing was not about hiding them under a new coat of paint like we tend to do with our houses. Healing meant surrendering to the teachings that they brought and adorning them with the wisdom of new experiences.


After Midnight Mask
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