Rainy nights bring along the craziest dreams

I’m walking! Where I’m heading, I don’t really know! My steps won’t tell me the path they’re striding on, so I’m going… A dark place awaits and I cannot see a single thing!  My heart is filled with fear, just like one fills a glass of wine after a long day of hard work.

I’m alone, but I still feel like someone else is here, next to me, even though I don’t know who this entity is! He stays behind me and I can feel his breathing on my neck! I wish I would have the courage to turn around and look at him, but I’m trapped in my own body. There’s something that’s holding me back, a force… something strange that coordinates my movements.

I’m on my way again, incapable of stopping! Darkness revolves around me and I know that there has to be a light to see. I can sense him again and I wish I wasn’t allowed to… I wish my heart would stop vibrating at his presence, but there’s a connection between us that refuses to give in.

He’s there, placing his hand next to mine, but never touching me. His breath is cold as ice, but somehow, deep inside, I feel like I’m catching fire every time I feel it on my skin. My mind is going crazy trying to figure a way out. I need to run away from this shadow! As my heart beats faster and faster, something has changed.

I can feel his touch on my shoulder. For the first time, his fingers caress my arm and my heart seems to become silent. A tear finds her way out of the imprisonment of my eyes and slides slowly on my cheek.

I’m not afraid anymore!

I turn around and… I cannot distinguish his face. I can only see his eyes, as dark as the mystery that surrounds him and the lines that compose his figure.  It’s Him! In those eyes, I can see desire! He gives me his hand as I stay in front of him, surprised by his actions.

Taking my hand, there was nothing left for me to do other than follow him.

“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand!”
(Neil Armstrong)


“There are things known and there are things unknown and in between are the doors of perception.” 
(Aldous Huxley)

My legs are shaking and I hesitate in my way towards him. I let my fingers slip through his hand and I step back. Once again, fear becomes my companion! In that mystical darkness, he was the only one I could see. I close my eyes and my whole being leads me next to him.

I’m walking even though there’s a mixture of courage and fear inside my body and my mind. I’m arguing with my strength as the path we walked on places in front of us a door. He has the key to unlock it and so he does.

A strong light spreads into the room and the darkness slowly disappears. All of a sudden, he lets go of my hand and slips away, absorbed by the darkness that brought him. I cannot feel his breathing anymore. Turning towards him, I find myself powerless as he fades away. My whole body is aching, my heart has torn into two pieces as my eyes are flooded by tears and my breath gets heavier and heavier.

I’m so confused about my own feelings! Why would I cry over his departure? Why does my heart feel this pain and my hand needs his guidance? The answers seem to escape my reasoning! My eyes are closed in a final attempt of sensing his presence… It’s never too late or so they say…

I’m starting to miss him…
but I’m reassured to know he’s back in his mystical obscurity!



After Midnight Mask
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