“Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

Who is The Woman behind the Mask?”

“She was awake! The mask that she feared most… It found a way to tear down her walls and escape!”

Who looks you back in the mirror? Is it the angel in you or the demon? The same eyes can speak more than you know. It is said that we have a duality living inside of us and the truth is, I sometimes feel like we could have even more. Through my writing, my inner souls, the ones I keep locked in my body and in my mind, my angels, and my demons all together come out to play.

I’m never alone and I have learned to accept that and embrace my multiple personalities (shocking I know, yet we all have them). There is nothing strange about it and it’s not like I am not aware of them as I know where they lay hidden and when they appear. I know which one of them is looking me back in the eyes through the mirror and I love them all: the lady, the innocent, the child, the quiet, the studious one. But there are also: the rebel, the seductive, the glamorous, the untamed, the fearless one, the evil… And I love them even more.

So, for once:
1) step out of your comfort zone
2) stop pretending to be a saint, because we all have different ways in which we connect with the people in our lives or to the things that happen to us, which is why we often do wear a mask even if we don’t acknowledge it.
3) learn to embrace who you are in various circumstances, putting together your bits and pieces while comprehending your personality as a whole. Are you up for the challenge?

What Gives Light Must Endure Burning!

“You Must Burn. Burn Higher! Burn for Everything You Have Ever Wanted. For Everything You Have Ever Lost, Every Crack in Your Heart, and Every Fraction of Every Irreplaceable Moment. Burn High for Love. For Fear. For Life. Burn as Fast and as Long as You Can. You Must Burn. Burn Higher. Because Nothing in this World Will Kill You Faster than a Dying Fire.” (Mia Hollow)

In the silken veil of night, where shadows commune and the air thrums with untold secrets, there she stands – a figure carved from the darkness itself. Her skin is the canvas for the serpentine dance, a python’s embrace tracing the lineage of ancient wisdom. Each coil, a silent ode to Kundalini’s rise, the primal energy that stirs in the depths, whispering of power, of life force spiraling upwards, seeking light.

She is the embodiment of the dark feminine, the mystique enshrouded in the folds of the night. Her essence, a tapestry woven with threads of the wild woman’s howl, the witch’s chant, the goddess’s silent command. In her is the alchemy of night and day, where shadows serve the light, a balance struck in the quietude of her being.

Around her, the air is thick with the magic of the untamed, the unrestrained call of the soul’s most feral desires. She is both the enigma and the truth, a paradox wrapped in the mystery of moonlit eyes. In her presence, the world knows the stir of the ancient, the call of the wild that runs deeper than the roots of the oldest tree, older than the stars.

And in her silence lies her power, for she speaks in the tongue of the eternal, a language known only to those who dare to walk the path less trodden. She is the wild woman, the witch, the goddess archetype – she who knows the language of the Earth, the secrets that slither beneath the surface, and the wisdom that lies hidden in the dark.


How hidden is the Woman behind the Mask?

In the magical forest where nature’s untamed children roam, she finds her reflection, a woman cradling danger in her arms as tenderly as a lover’s embrace. The serpent, sinuous and unpredictable, is nothing else but her chosen companion, a symbol of the wild nature that courses through her veins, just like the pack of wolves she leads when the moon is full or the owls that ask for her guidance when they need to share their wisdom.

She is not just the woman behind the mask; she is the embodiment of its very fabric – the mystery, the allure, and the latent threat that lies within. The mask she wears is not one of porcelain and silk, but of flesh and spirit, woven from the visceral threads of instinct and survival. This woman behind the mask knows the language of the feral, the silent conversation between predator and prey, the exchange of power that hums beneath the surface of the civilized veneer.

She is the wildness concealed in plain sight, the chaos beneath calm waters, the venomous bite behind the kiss and to look upon her is to gaze into the abyss and find it gazing back, to see the beauty in the beast, the elegance in the perilous dance with nature’s own assassin. A wild woman like her does not shy away from the danger; she waltzes with it, letting it lead as often as she takes the reins.

This woman, the enchantress behind the mask, carries within her the fierce legacy of the untamed, the unbridled, and the undomesticated… she is the reminder of what stirs in the shadows, a testament to the power of the wild that resides in us all!

After Midnight Mask
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