I was blind, but now I see…

That there are times in life in which we feel weak. We sit in empty spaces, overwhelmed by our thoughts… we are “filled” with a deep void inside…

There is so much going on around us and life is flowing down its course! Do you find yourselves just looking at her?! I know I do! From time to time, we tend to be the spectators of our own “play”. We rush things, checking them off our to-do lists, just so we can fuel our pride. We manage to succeed in doing another one of our tasks and so another night has come! What will we be doing tomorrow?! … The same as today … and yesterday, slightly different of course!

This month has been hectic and, even if I tried my best to keep up with my tasks and schedule them properly, I feel like I couldn’t plan my time in an efficient way. These days I felt overwhelmed and frustrated for skipping some of my habits, for doing things hastily and rushing myself to check off every task I have on my to-do lists . This is why today I chose to take a step back and just make things happen in a calm way. No rushing, no stressing myself about what I have to do, just doing – what I can in the time that I have! When I felt like stressing over things again, I would look at the sky and admire the trees. There is beauty everywhere within our sight! We just have to be willing to perceive it!

Deep down, I feel like the soul is just another flower! If you water it enough with passion, love, beauty, and faith it will flourish inside your body! The void will no longer have enough space to occupy and unknowingly it will disappear. We would feel as light as a feather, but still strong as a diamond and our eyes will be able to see the beauty in every single part of the world! Every face, every building, every object will stand out and make us bloom!

May my soul bloom in love for all existence. (Rudolf Steiner)

“Practice listening to your intuition, your inner voice; ask questions; be curious; see what you see; hear what you hear; then act upon what you know to be true. These intuitive powers were given to your soul at birth.” (Clarissa Pinkola Estés)

She was tired of keeping secrets. She just wanted to show everyone her most authentic self! Face to face with old beliefs and patterns, it’s hard to build enough courage to embrace radical honesty. Dianne knew better than anyone that wearing a mask isn’t the easiest thing to do. It weighs one down and it also lowers one’s vibration! But there was still Time for her! Layer by layer, mask by mask, taking one step at a time, it will all fade away!

It would shatter into tiny pieces like a broken mirror, while nature will bloom inside the gates of her soul! First, a flower, afterward a tree and, until she knew it, she would find herself a different person with a changed perspective! But was Dianne ready?

After Midnight Mask
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