…the fallen raindrops

I’ve been wanting to write for two hours now, stressing out my mind for something worth writing about, but most of all reading about. I haven’t come up with a miraculous idea, but there is one thing I may have found close.

From time to time I wonder about what I’m living and the things I’m leaving behind…

Terrible, I know… Why on Earth would someone my age think about those kinds of things? In a way or another, it always made me sad the superficial thought of how younger people are some reckless human beings that think they’ll live forever.  Guess what?! Healthy young people, both physically and mentally, think about their mission in life from time to time! At least, I know I do and it always helped me focus on my goals.

I wonder what my path should be, how should I create a life without regrets and how to stay true to myself in a world filled with shallow lives. Beneath all the things we can find on social media these days lays a reality worth living a thousand times more.

We dream about perfection, but we don’t dare to chase it because of our fear of failure. We show through posts our best photos and moments, not knowing that what we think about as being a vulnerability might just be a sign of strength for others out there.

Wanting to become the best person one can possibly be is understandable.
Faking it… isn’t the right or the best way to do it though!

By doing so, the only thing one is achieving is deceiving… And, unfortunately, the person with whom one lives every day will be deceived too!

Have you guessed who that person is?!

That person is you!


“Beneath the masks that we wear lie unspoken stories,
like fallen raindrops, which need to be told!” (L.N)

pexels-photo-632629“Do not mistake me for my mask.
You see light dappling on the water and forget the deep, cold, dark beneath.”
(Patrick Rothfuss)


After Midnight Mask
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