Tonight I reconnected with myself

And I have a weird way of doing it. For others might work meditation and walking in the nature.  I tend to stay and look at myself in the mirror while I’m searching deep down into my eyes for answers that lie hidden inside or I stay in front of the mirror while listening to music that I find appropriate for my inner state.

Tonight I did both: I looked myself in the eyes while in my ears music was playing as loud as I would have wanted to scream. And I felt like so much energy was drawn from my body. I felt weak but yet so relieved.

Somehow I could never find my strength to scream my thoughts. I either write them down or watch them passing like movie scenes into my eyes’ reflection.

I needed to remind myself that one should never put happiness in the hands of another person because at the end of the day the creator of happiness is the person that desires it!

It’s not selfish to chase your dreams and prioritize; it’s not a bad thing to love but to know that there are sometimes boundaries that need to be sustained. Change is good, but only when it comes from within, from the desire of becoming a better version of yourself, not the one that others think you should be. It may sound trivial, but eyes are the ones that connect us to our deepest secrets.

One just needs to learn when and how to look inside the gate that one’s eyes create.

There are shadows and lights in all of us, hopes and dreams, desires and passions. We wish to succeed in life, in love, in our career. We dream about perfection and happiness, but we have a tendency to place our sights on others instead of on ourselves.

I’m not saying that seeking happiness while walking holding hands with your loved one is wrong! Not at all! And that is not the actual point! The point is to know your worth and that your happiness should come from deep within yourself, not the ones near you! Wait for your moments – whether it is midnight, under scented candle lights and shadows dancing on the walls or mornings, filled with luxurious light and fresh air!

Take your time to ask yourself what is that you truly desire and take the time to think about what you have to do in order to achieve what your heart yearns for!

I’ve done it tonight and it feels refreshing and liberating to feel reconnected to my beliefs and my inner strength!

“Practice listening to your intuition, your inner voice; ask questions; be curious; see what you see; hear what you hear; and then act upon what you know to be true.”
(Clarissa Pinkola Estes)
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“We all begin the process before we are ready, before we are strong enough, before we know enough; we begin a dialogue with thoughts and feelings that both tickle and thunder within us. We respond before we know how to speak the language, before we know all the answers, and before we know exactly to whom we are speaking.”
(Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

She was sitting on her couch, with her journal on her legs. The writing had stopped while the dim candlelight painted the room in such a cozy and warm tone, a tone that made her feel unique. It was her space of reflection and of thinking, a way in which she discovered herself and others, her ways and her path, designing the life she wanted to live but also struggling to balance all her feelings and thoughts.

Dianne took a moment and glanced at the big mirror that was leaning on the chest of drawers. She felt like it was watching her back. And it probably was! It had become a part of her since it was the one that received all her emotions and mysteries, just like a hidden chest.

Her smile said everything: she felt confident and happy for the moments in which she could reconnect to her soul.

It was a night filled with powerful emotions, empowering energy and wild discoveries!

After Midnight Mask
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