How do you feel about expressing yourself freely, about being sophisticated and elegant wherever you want? Reverse your ways and step up your game, because you are powerful!

There’s a real power in heels and a good dress. (Talulah Riley)

I always loved wearing heels, ever since I was in high school. I felt and I still feel that they enhance my confidence, my strength and my feminine energy.

Somehow even though I love a good pair of shoes, I hate wasting my time shopping and finding the right ones, which seems like an impossible mission every single time. I prefer to buy anything else besides new pairs of shoes. So, because I need to stay creative and find solutions, and since it is just as difficult to find a fitting pair in person or on the internet, I dived into the unknown ocean of online boutiques.

Recently, I have discovered, a website where you can explore endless options. Either you are more in tune with comfy outfits or you need to show off a business look, I have the confidence to say that you shall find what your heart desires with a simple click. Difficult to hear myself saying this… or writing it down!

The packaging was very good and they took care of the tiny details so that the shoes would arrive in the perfect shape. The order was delivered the following day, which made the experience even more pleasant. Just one of the boxes arrived a bit damaged, but the shoes were in excellent condition.

I chose three pairs: two stilettos and one pair of boots. Surprisingly, they all were a perfect match.

“There is a shade of red for every woman” (Audrey Hepburn)

As you probably know by now, I am not a big fan of red lipsticks. The stars need to be aligned for me to wear a color like this on my lips.
But with a red pair of shoes, things change! Everything is different! Such a pair always catches my eye! Plus, if you add some crystals on top, we might instantly become friends.

So, while I’m waiting for Spring to show up, I have decided that until then this is how I’ll be walking around the house: in my sparkling heels! Because no matter where you are, you can feel empowered and dress however you like it! Being confident in your own skin and loving yourself is the most amazing gift you can give to your being, so why not start with small steps!

The elegancy of a Black pair of shoes or the seductiveness of some Red stilettos? Why choose one when you can enjoy both?

~Wear your confidence like you wear your heels and let your uniqueness come out to play!~

And for some extra comfort, a pair of long boots just to change your outfits in the easiest way!

Given the fact that Valentine’s day is around the corner and self-love is often forgotten on the last places on our to-do list, you should check out their website and see if you find something fitting for your heart’s desires.

If you do and you are enchanted by an elegant pair or some sporty shoes, you can also use the discount code: REVERSE10 for an additional 10% off your order. This is an extra discount on any offers they already have on their website.

I also took a look to see if the pairs I ordered are still available on the website and I managed to find the link for the boots and the black stilettos, but in the red version:

Sending lots of love to you,

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