When you are caught in between…

You feel divided, trapped, but you are not!

It’s fascinating how time goes by! It’s fascinating to see that your being can transform itself in every moment, under the magic wand of the circumstances or the environment you interact with. However, more miraculous than this is the fact that somewhere deep inside one’s soul lies hidden the essence of the child, the teenager, the young and the adult. These essences combine their scent revealing the most wonderful color of all: the uniqueness of a magic potion called human being.

It is the individuality of each and every one of us that teaches ourselves to be more patient, to accept and understand the emotions and feelings of those around us, for we are all part of the same world, of the same dream.

I missed my thoughts on paper, just as I missed listening to the song of my heart!

I almost forgot how bright the feeling of accepting what you feel, what you think, what, in other words, defines you as a person, can be. It’s so easy to see that we somehow change over the past of time – we have the tendency to hide our thoughts and keep them locked away. We lose the “childish” custom of keeping a diary and by replacing it with the agenda where we keep track of our meetings, projects, deadlines, we leave behind what really matters: happy moments, family, friends or memories.

We draw ourselves the coordinates of a tumultuous life, burdened by daily responsibilities and we feel trapped. No matter what we do, those responsibilities seem to weigh more than the moments in which we are happy.

The reality is that we imprison ourselves!

Cherished moments spent with our loved ones, emotions of meeting again an old friend, the thrill of a new love. These are keys that unlock broken hearts and have the power to liberate the mind!

We take the things we have for granted as if they are something well deserved, meant by all means to occupy that exact place in our lives, thus losing sight of the fact that we must fight continuously to preserve what we already have and to win what we want as part of our reality!

Our life only expresses the result of our dominant thoughts!” (Soren Kierkegaard)


Life has its own forces which you can only discover by living!“(Soren Kierkegaard)

She looked outside the window. Once again it was dark! That cold, foggy, typical October night!

The smile on her face revealed her feelings. She loved it, for she knew that somewhere deep inside her there was darkness too:  that mixture of right and wrong hidden within every breathing soul on the earth.

She knew she stood on the edge – the road in between the two poles.

She was standing halfway!

But without darkness who would have known what light’s true color is?! One sip of her tea and she gazed at the pages of her journal once more.



After Midnight Mask
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