Staring outside my window…

I’m feeling drawn to the beauty of nature. I wanted to start a gratitude journal for so long and somehow I always found an excuse. What I feel inside now is making me think that this moment is the right one to start my journey…

Here it goes! I’m grateful for…

  • being alive, for being able to breathe and feel the air filling up my lungs.
  •  getting to know me every single day and for finding the strength to discover my true being while facing both my brightest and my darkest parts.
  • my eyes, my voice, my hearing, my whole body, as I know it is not something I should take for granted. My body is my temple, my home and my vehicle. It is the one that gives me the opportunity to see this world’s miracles in the way that I do, to speak out my thoughts in the ways that I know how and also to travel to places I never thought I would visit.
  • my mind and my being as they allow me to design a life that fulfills me and that is in harmony with my true nature.
  • my spirit as it kept me safe from the chains in which a society mostly based on shallow values tends to put people in.

Beneath my skin lie hidden more than a thousand reasons of  “why I am grateful for”. Beneath my skin, are love and acceptance, trust and courage, faith and inspiration. Beneath my skin lies the will of helping others see the good in themselves, the “worth” they hide inside and that they tend to look for in the strangest places.

Beneath my skin lie thousands of broken pieces of myself that I managed to put together.

Some might say one needs to be perfect for others to seek their advice or their help, I say that accepting one’s imperfections and knowing how to turn your vulnerability into your strength is the true way to conquer the world!

Beneath the skin, beyond the differing features and into the true heart of being, fundamentally, we are more alike, my friend, than we are unalike.

(Maya Angelou)

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.”
(Denis Waitley)

Her hair, the color of chestnuts, created different shadows while the candlelight was waiting playful to stop shining. Her hands, delicate and tender, were touching the pages of the open journal standing on the desk, in front of her. Dianne was smiling. She felt a strange feeling: something resembling peace and tranquility, faith and courage for a new journey ahead of her.

Looking outside the window she saw the golden light of the moon. It shattered the darkness around her in such a subtle way that any star would have been jealous of her elegance.

“Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance.” 
(John Franklin)

After Midnight Mask
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