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Who lies beneath the mask?


Late night thoughts, creativity and dreams : these are the main topics of my blog.

I’m a 27-year-old woman, passionate about writing and life in general. My name is Larisa and I live in Bucharest, Romania. Proud wife and mother of a three-year old girl, addicted to organizing and planning, I find my guilty pleasure in late nights’ inspiration, when I can free my thoughts and create stories.

I always loved writing down whatever came into my mind. I felt free. I felt understood. Regardless of time and space, writing has made me feel alive. It was always there for me and has always allowed me to live whatever life I wanted: my inner souls, the ones I keep locked in my body and in my mind, my angels and my demons all together.

Being a wife and, most important of all, a mother, inspired me to find new ways of improving my planning skills to make time for my passions. Writing helps me. It liberates me, and while I love writing down on every piece of paper I find, I also need some visual motivation to keep going with my to do’s lists and my creativity.  This is how I came up with a new planner brand: Agende Altfel, which brings the possibility for people like me to personalize their planners in a way that suits their needs. Wanting to offer the proper planning instruments, and helping the ones that contact us in staying focused and finding their motivation are the main reasons for the way in which we design our products. This blog came as a natural way of expresing my thoughts, while wanting to help other people get their dose of motivation.

This is why, I am here today…

Starting a new journey, 

wearing an “after midnight mask” !

“We all wear masks and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing our own skin.” (Andre Berthiaume)

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